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Made for Everyone

Correcx is our company in which we strive to help athletes improve their technical skill. Our product is based on sporting equipment that autocorrects your movements and tracts your stats and gives feedback on how to improve your technique. Our products include: baseball bats, lacrosse sticks, golf clubs, and footballs.  We intend to expand our products in the future to include tennis rackets, ping pong paddles, football gloves, field hockey sticks. Our equipment will integrate with an app that will aid in tracking your statistics and give feedback. There is a need for autocorrected sporting equipment because of the high prices of personal training services have priced out the everyday athlete. Our product allows athletes to have a “personal trainer” whenever or wherever they are.

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What We Offer And Why

We Make Our Products For Everyone

 Affordable- We strive for everyone to succeed in their particular sport.  Personal trainers can be expensive, but with our products, you will be able to out train your opponents!

Different Sports- We offer many sports through our company such as Baseball, Lacrosse, Football, and Golf.

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